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A few disclosures about me:

In close contact to "real economy" by companies not considered to belong to the "financial market" (at least not by dealing with "virtual" goods) for 20+ years , listening to voices of entrepreneurs,business people he his acquainted with, besides having his own opinion on economics/politics.

Once almost ended up being co-financier of a book publisher, surely has in interest in letting other people's voices heard.

Speaks some languages fluently, others less ;-)

Always tried to be best informed about politics and economic developments in different countries. 

Combining ancient old hobby of detecting weakest electronic signals (short& other wave DX) later with picking up satellite signals from IOR region to AOR region and all in between (on some bands, but it's not BBC monitoring service). Has proven useful for being well informed about world events.*

Why this blog now ? 

To inspire people to think both backwards by analyzing the messy situation we are in, but also to develop solutions beyond the usual principles: "fight debt with more debt", or sustain weak states by pumping ever more cash in the pockets of those who prevent those structures ever to become self-sustaining and successful and letting the powers of free markets prevail over the inefficient "money vacuum cleaner" usually handled by the bureaucrats . Therefore it is supported by the author that people "steal ideas" (by respecting above mentioned rules)  here and distribute them.

Of course most of analytics and also solutions offered here are based on similar topics being addressed by the author, on other occasions back in time, on a different level, on an undisclosed location and also in other language, for more than a decade ;-) Wanted to reach a broader, more international audience not just some politicians or political very interested people. If there is a need for blaming: Blame the eurozone crisis which was in danger of spiraling out of control.

So those aren't new revolutionary ideas, but just a compilation of previously developed ideas perhaps less fragmented than in the former discussion style. So dialogue was yesterday it's in the beginning at least just a monologue perhaps later accompanied by some remarks by some readers. (> wishful thinking by a realist ;-))

One other immediate reason for using this blog was the failure of twitter by a suspension for almost a week. Twitter was initially intended to do the job of giving realtime news on events taking place around the Euro, but also to become a collection of links for later research and therefore should have been a knowledge database. So during the frustration of not being able to use twitter at all and perhaps losing all posts completely the decision was taken to put the most important and fundamental data here. And of course it also gives the opportunity to describe matters a lot better and more elaborated, than using twitter with its 140 characters limitation.

Everything else is handled on a strict DADT (don't ask , don't tell) basis and it should be possible to concentrate on the words/thoughts of the author.

legal disclaimer:

All texts word by word exclusively created by my brain and put to my blog by my own healthy fingers ! No texts are seeing copied from other websites , books, newspapers or whatever other means of publication. If in the unlikely event of some similarity with texts from others you can 100% assume that is coincidence , nothing else.  
As of such this material is to be considered as copyrighted by some national & intern. law but i grant everyone (for the time being) the right to use parts of it or full text under the strict condition of making proper quotations and state a link of the original source. (the article in question on this blog)
In quotation marks marking beginning and end of copied text + link to source before or after.
If this is not done this way i hereby revoke this grant to use it and there might some additional steps being taken or punishment might come as an act of God ! ;-)

Only exception from above are those headlines which are being attached to the used links to copyrighted material of others. Those words remain the intellectual property of the authors of those articles/texts/photographs/drawings/whatever . The author of this blog refuses to take any responsibility of the content of those pages the user will encounter when he follows those links. 
The author cannot keep track of all links if they might still work after a while or if the original content found initially to be useful for readers of my pages might have changed since the time it was linked to. 

If there are any dead links found or obviously wrong websites are being discovered don't hesitate to contact the author of this blog in order to correct any shortcomings. (<use twitter)

*Not just picking up signals/news channels for "end users" but also raw material from SNG and fixed studios from news agencies and others. From watching live feeds from e.g. Bagdad in gulf war I back in the old days in NTSC to the now common SCPC signals. Loves to see reporters to make sound checks, rehearsals of their speeches , chit/chat with studio and seeing those recorded video being played fast forward & backward. ;-) Also loves broadcasts in (DVB encapsuled) NTSC .from e.g. NYC..
Not all the time (of course!) but it has proven to be useful when some extraordinary events take place.

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