Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Comparisons 1930s and present time

  • Miguel Almunia, 
  • Agustín Bénétrix, 
  • Barry Eichengreen, 
  • Kevin H. O’Rourke, 
  • Gisela Rua:
    1. From Great Depression to Great Credit Crisis: similarities, differences and lessons

    (wiley.com,CEPR, CES,MSH) (via B_Eichengreen)

    B.Eichengreen & K. O'Rourke:

    Gauging the multiplier: Lessons from history (voxeu.org, Oct 23rd 2012)

    B. Eichengreen & Kris James Mitchener:
    The Great Depression as a Credit Boom Gone Wrong 
    (ssrn.com)(via @wonkmonk_)

    Interview with Barry Eichengreen 
    (An interview by Mark Sniderman, clevelandfed.org, May 24th 2013)

    Economic History, the Great Depression, and the Recent Financial Crisis 
    (Youtube,video, 6mins, ClevelandFed)

    B. Eichengreen & O. Accominotti:  
    The mother of all sudden stops: Capital flows and reversals in Europe, 1919-1932   
    (voxeu.org Sept 14th 2013) (via @BruegelPisani)

    Paul Krugman: 
    Theory and the Thirties     (NewYorkTimes blogs, Oct 23rd 2012)(via @delong)

    Nicholas Crafts:
    Returning to growth in the UK: Policy lessons from history  
    (voxeu.org, Oct 27th 2012)(via @lindayueh)

    Christopher L. Colvin & Abe de Jong & Philip T. Fliers:

    Nick Taylor:
    A Short History of the Great Depression (The New York Times) 

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    Sunday, October 21, 2012

    Interview Dutch Central Bank president and ECB's Klaas Knot

    Dear reader,

    after Mr Knot gave an interview to German newspaper "Die Welt" on Saturday 20th, he was interviewed live¹ on Dutch public TV (Nederland 1), where he elaborated not only on the announced OMT program of the ECB, but also gave insights concerning:

    - The situation of Spain and Spanish banks (and whether PM Rajoy should apply for ESM or not)
    - The situation of Greece
    - Imbalances in the EMU (he was ruling out "transfer union")
    - Latest summit results and banking union
    - The need and time frame for financial support of Southern Europe
    - The re-positioning of the IMF re fiscal multipliers and sensibility of austerity
    - The Dutch housing market
    - Dutch dependence on exports to other EMU countries
    - The current lack of consumer confidence in NL

    Interview "Die Welt":
    ECB's Knot backs call for EU commissioner (The Telegraph, Oct 21st 2012)
    ECB’s Knot Backs Schaeuble Call for Stronger EU Budget Power (Bloomberg, Oct 21st 2012)
    "Draghi ist unsere Stimme" (Die Welt, Oct 21st 2012) #
    Notenbankchef Knot:"Ist die Preisstabilität gefährdet, greifen wir ein” (Die Welt, Oct 20th 2012) #

    Interview Dutch public TV:

    Uitzending gemist: Buitenhof Oct 21st 2012 (video, approx 30minutes) *
    (note: Microsoft (c) Silverlight 2.0 required) 

    (First part of program is with Klaas Knot and approx. after 30 minutes other guests talk about privacy protection)

    # = German , * = Dutch language

    ¹= assumption of this author

    related article:
    Rutte calls for budgetary discipline commissioner (europeanvoice.com, Sept 8th 2011)

    Dutch debate on inflation/deflation in the euro area

    Dear reader,

    this blog here is supposed to give the facts only, so before commenting¹ on the latest discussion in The Netherlands here are the related pieces:

    * Where is that inflation ? (Follow the money, Apr 20th 2012) (via @edinmujagic)
    * Rising inflation isn't a conceivable danger, but a fact (sylvestereijffinger.com, Oct 19th 2012) (via @SCWEijffinger) 
    * Deflation myths exposed (De overheidsschulden crisis) (via @HansvanVliet2)
    * Inflation or deflation, a bit nuance, please ... (robinfransman.com, Oct 20th 2012) (via @StHFC)
    * What Sylvester Eijffinger and Edin Mujagic don't know about inflation (luxeveritas.nl, Oct 21st 2012)
    * Inflated reputations (Follow the money, Oct 22nd 2012)(via _basjacobs)
    * Money, prices and deflation in Greece.
       An answer to the question of Eijffinger and Mujagic   (luxetveritas.nl , Oct 22nd 2012)(via @MerijnKnibbe)
    * Chart of the day:The effect of VAT hikes on inflation in the EU (luxetveritas.nl, Oct 31st 2012)
    * Faith and flation gurus (rabobank.nl , Dec 3rd 2012)(via @hanswstegeman)

    * = Dutch language

    ¹=hint: it will be very close to Robin Fransman's opinion for all parties involved

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