Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Spain's government still reluctant

Why Spain Will Seek Help—and Why the ECB Retains Its Leverage (JF Kirkegaard, Peterson Institute)
The Pain in Spain                  (J BADCOCKForeign Policy, Oct 1st 2012)
Spanish borrowing costs fall (, Sept 18th 2012)
Mariano Rajoy waiting for markets to force his hand (, Sept 19th 2012)
UPDATE 1-Spain's banks stress test to show up to 60 bln needed (Reuters, Sept 20th 2012)
Spain in no rush to seek aid, banks to need 60 bln eur - EconMin (Reuters, Sept 22nd 2012)
Ambrose Evans-Pritchard: Europe's betrayal of Spain (Telegraph, Sept 28th 2012)
Editorial: Unanswered questions (El Pais, Sept 28th 2012)
Spain's banks may need 59.3 billion euro in extra capital (Reuters, Sept 29th 2012)
Popular suspends dividend payment to meet capital requirement (El Pais, Oct 1st 2012)
Spain's Popular resists state aid with 2.5 billion euro share issue (Reuters, Oct 1st 2012)
EXCLUSIVE - Spain ready for bailout, Germany signals "wait" - sources (Reuters, Oct 2nd 2012)
Need More Capital Than Tests Find, Moody’s Says (Bloomberg, Oct 1st 2012)
Insight: Spain bank rescue signals legal battle for duped savers (Reuters, Oct 16th 2012)
Rajoy Still Has a Debt Mountain to Climb (S. Nixon -WSJ, Nov 19th 2012)
“The solution for Spain is simple: we have to sell more goods abroad” (El Pais, Nov 19th 2012)
Desperation, hopelessness mark Spain’s economic pain (E.Reguly, Globe&Mail Nov 21st 2012)
Bankia to make record of loss of 19 billion euros This Year (El Pais, Nov 28th 2012)
Spain Recession Scars Exposed as Jobless Seen at 6 Mln (Bloomberg, Jan 21st 2013)

Spain Sells 4.8 Billion Euros of Bonds, Most Since January (Bloomberg, Sept 20th 2012)

Catalonia's independence:
Rajoy fronts up to Catalan independence ahead of Mas meeting (El Pais, Sept 19th 2012)
Spain risks break-up as Mariano Rajoy stirs Catalan fury (The Telegraph, Sept 20th 2012)
Catalan leader fixes date for early election showdown (El Pais, Sept 25th 2012)
Catalan Banks Owing ECB $77 Billion May Stall Independence Drive (Bloomberg,Nov 21st 2012)
Language and nationalism: Catalonian confusion (The Economist,Nov 27th 2012)

Spain: a tale of two crises  [on capital flows] (S. Merler,, Sept 21st 2012)
O. Wyman report [on Spanish banks]         (pdf, Sept 28th 2012, via @raluca3000)

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Sunday, September 9, 2012

European success stories

Eastern Europe
Sept   7th 2012 An East European Perspective on the Euro Crisis (Author: A. Aslund, Peterson Institute)
Sept 13th 2012 Paul Krugman's Baltic Problem (A. ÅSLUND,
Oct  14th 2012 Austerity-hit Lithuania votes in general elections (
Feb 20th 2013  Fitch: Baltic Economies Recover Strongly; Volatility a Long-term Challenge (Fitch)

June 8th  2012 Iceland economy grows at fastest pace in four years (Reuters)
Dec 16th 2010 Lessons from Iceland: Coming in from the cold (The Economist)
Feb 21st 2012  The lesson from Iceland’s recovery: let banks go bust (Moneyweek)
                         Iceland GDP Annual Growth Rate (
Jul 8th    2012  The Times Does Iceland (P.Krugman, NYTimes)

Faroe islands 
Sep 11th 2012  The first sovereign debt crisis in the EU (J.Danielsson & H.Oskarsson,

Sep 22nd 2008 Stopping a Financial Crisis, the Swedish Way (NYTimes)