Friday, August 10, 2012

Dexia Bank (Belgium)

EZR Dexia
Aug 11th 2012 *
Coene [CB] fears a new recession in Belgium (De Standaard)
Aug 29th 2012

Credit Suisse: "Belgium's exposure to Dexia is 72,5 bn Euro"
Aug 10th 2012

Dexia 'may need recapitalisation'
Aug 10th 2012

Belgian central banker says Dexia may need capital soon (AFP)
Aug 10th 2012 *
America, the forgotten time bomb under Dexia (De standaard)
Aug 10th 2012 *
New round of recapitalization looms for Dexia (De Tijd)
Aug 4th 2012 *
From bad to worse with Dexia (De Standaard)
Aug 4th 2012

Dexia losses add to bill for France and Belgium
Aug 3rd 2012

Dexia posts 1.2 bn euro first-half loss (AFP)
Aug 3rd 2012 *
New Dexia chief earns 600.000 € yearly (
Aug 3rd 2012 %
Dexia : lourdes pertes et départ de la direction
Jul 25th 2012

Dexia Sale of Luxembourg BIL Unit Approved by EU Regulators
Jul 17th 2012

Belgian debt surpasses GDP
Jul 5th 2012 *
Dexia France could cost Belgium Billions (
Jun 22nd 2012
Dexia situation under control: Belgian central bank chief
Jun 21st 2012
Belgium, France Risk Billions on Penny Stock Dexia
May 23rd 2012 *
France and Belgium want to extend guarantees for Dexia ( )
Apr 26th 2012 *
“Dexia could derail state debt” (de
Mar 1st 2012
Dexia Bank Belgium rebrands as Belfius Bank & Insurance as it reveals 2011 losses
Feb 24th 2012 *
Belgium and France have a new Dexia deal (
Feb 1st 2012 *
Dexia commission: Only experts may look into NBB & FSMA documents (De Standaard)
Jan 9th 2012

Decommissioning Dexia — a collateral story
Oct 9th 2011 *
Belgium and France reached agreement on Dexia
Oct 4th 2011 *
Belgian CB: “Savings of Dexia clients completely save” (De Morgen)
Sep 30th 2011 *
'France and Belgium will help Dexia' (de Tijd)
Jul 15th 2011

KBC Bank and Dexia Capital Update - EU Wide Stress Test Results
Dec 9th 2008

Guarantee Agreementbetween the Belgian State, the French State, the Luxembourg Stateand Dexia SA/NV

chart Dexia assets as percent of GDP 1995 - 2011 by Scott Barber/Reuters

Dexia (video features in Dutch by NOS/NL) *2013 new*

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