Monday, May 14, 2012

Greece - The end game ?

Eurozoneremarks - Greece - The endgame ?

Dear reader,
in the days after last week's Greek elections all kind of speculation about Greek government formation

and Greek's commitment to its obligations to the EZ is growing. Some even speculate on an exit from

the eurozone. Here are some facts and lots of speculation

As with all rapidly developing stories you can expect some updates here.

Nov 13th 2011
pdf Willem Buiter: Greek exit scenario A Disaster for Greece, a Crisis for the world
May 14th 2012 #
Greek poker destroys 2 trillion Dollars market value
May 14th 2012

Paul Krugman: Exit and exports
May 14th 2012

Bloomberg NewsCredit-Default Swaps in U.S. Rise on Talk Greece May Exit Euro
May 14th 2012

Government plays down German claims that UK could help Greece
May 14th 2012

Greece 'Considered' Leaving Single Currency
May 14th 2012

Germany Rejects Giving Greece More Time To Meet Targets
May 14th 2012 *
Eijffinger: Greece goes bankrupt
May 13th 2012

Paul Krugman: Eurodämmerung

#Grelections, #GR_formation
May 14th 2012

Greece: Syriza is not going to meet with President Papoulias
May 14th 2012

Greek Elections Loom as Key Bailout Opponent Defies Unity

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