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other blogs on European economy

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here you will find a compilation of other blogs which offer data, analysis, opinion and perspective on the current very dynamic European financial situation:

the new opinion section here:

authors choice:
PROJECT SYNDICATE a world of ideas @ProSyn 
VOX Research-based policy analysis and commentary from leading economists @voxeu
Bruegel blog @Bruegel_org
INSM - Ökonomenblog (ger) @INSM
Ökonomenstimme (ger) @oekonomenstimme
Economisch Statistische Berichten (dut)
mainly macro - Comment on macroeconomic issues
Martin Wolf's Exchange
Kantoos Economics -Modern economics and economic policy @KantoosEcon
The Conscience of a Liberal - Paul Krugman @NYTimesKrugman 
Wirtschaftswurm - Nachrichten aus Wirtschaftspolitik und Wirtschaftswissenschaften (ger) @Wirtschaftswurm
Brad DeLong Grasping Reality with the Invisible Hand @delong 
Blick Log Notizen über Wirtschaft, Finanzen, Management und mehr (ger) @blicklog

more compilations:
Die deutschen Wirtschaftsblogs (Teil 1): Wie Blogs die ökonomische Debatte beeinflussen

Economics blogs: A less dismal debate

Deutsche Ökonomen bei Twitter/German economists using Twitter – Januar-Update

Note: some additional blogs/exchanges will be added soon/ @abcdefg <= Twitter account

Entries so far after Bruegel suggested that 'Europeans can't blog':
Mar 15th 2012

Bruegel:Europeans can’t blog 
Mar 23d 2012

Bruegel:Can Europeans blog after all? 
Mar 26th 2012

Yes Europeans learn how to blog  (Eurozoneremarks)
Mar 28th 2012

Europe speaks German !  (Eurozoneremarks)
Mar 30th 2012

Blogging isn't the only thing Europeans can't do (Eurozoneremarks)
Mar 15th 2012

Martinned: Europeans can't jump
Mar 19th 2012

Kantoos: Europeans can’t blog?! 
Mar 20th 2012

Henning Meyer: A broken European Blogosphere?
Mar 19th 2012

Discussing EU blogging and the unlinked EU blogosphere
Apr 2nd 2012

On the road to #rp12: Und wenn es doch eine europäische Blogosphäre gibt?
Apr 3rd 2012 *
Mar 25th 2012

"Europeans can't blog"
Mar 21st 2012

Social Europe Journal: Back to blogging about ... blogging | blog 
Mar 29th 2012

No apparent motive: Can Europeans Blog?
Apr 2nd 2012 #
On the road to #rp12: Und wenn es doch eine europäische Blogosphäre gibt?

* = Dutch, # = German language

Monday, March 26, 2012

Eurozone looking South (to Africa)

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the African continent offers additional potential for growth of the eurozone.  In order to provide a compilation of future European success stories abroad here's the new blog entry. As always some additional articles will be added later. 
Mar 26th 2012 German mid-sized companies discover Africa

Africa's stunning growth doesn't come cheap
'Huge' water resource exists under Africa
Jun  21st 2012 Let's go to Africa ! ( (ger)
Jun  21st 2012 Cross-Mediterranean economic and political relationships must be rebalanced to include all of Europe.
May 11th 2012 Opportunities for Dutch enterprises in developing countries (MVO Nederland) (Dutch)
Oct    4th 2012 World Bank trims Africa 2012 growth forecast (Reuters)

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Eurozone was close to the abyss

Eurozoneremarks - Eurozone was close to the abyss

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now after the 2nd LTRO action by the ECB some critics of an unprecedented release of liquidity to European banks in order to stabilize the sovereign bond markets seem to have forgotten how close the EMU was actually to a collapse. Since the smoke of the immediate crisis has cleared a bit and most experts say that the immediate danger has gone it is time for a compilation of evidence of how close the eurozone was to a financial meltdown.

Mar 22nd 2012

Van Rompuy says Europe was ‘close to the abyss’ in Nov/Dec 
Mar 18th 2012

Jean-Claude Juncker on the Greek rescue 
Dec 1st 2011

How central banks’ dollar-swap move saved the world
Nov 29th 2011

Business and eurozone: Looking for the exit
Nov 28th 2011

Insight - Euro zone staring into the abyss, waiting for ECB
Nov 28th 2011

Euro Zone on the Brink: A Continent Stares into the Abyss
Nov 25th 2011

Prepare for riots in euro collapse, Foreign Office warns
Nov 21st 2011

Dutch FinMin De Jager: „If you have savings, spend them“

Note: As always some additional links will be added later if they become available

Saturday, March 10, 2012

LTRO Liquidity released, bubbles ahead, how to regain control ?

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there is an editorial with some answers available in the opinion section of this blog. If there is some interest in reading it .. just click  here

note: Opinion section of this blog is still 'fresh' and some other articles are not fully 'finished' yet.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Progress in Greece

Dear reader,
in order to balance the mostly bad news concerning Greece in this blog entry there will be positive news about and from Greece. As always more links will be added as soon as they get available and there is time to add them.

Jul  07th 2012 clever ways used by some local administrators to tackle crisis # (Die Welt)
Mar 21st 2012 Six Major German Tour Operators Promote Greek Tourism
Mar 18th 2012 Fight against recession: Athens attracts solar investments # (Teleboerse)
Mar 18th 2012 Greece on the breadline: 'potato movement' links shoppers and farmers
Mar 13th 2012 Greek regulator employee arrested on bribery charges
Mar 10th 2012 Greece eyes 1 billion euro stimulus from EIB: PM adviser
Mar 08th 2012 Thessaloniki shows the way forward
Mar 07th 2012 Six projects are fast-tracked

# = German language

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Greece: Help not fully appreciated

Dear reader,

in order to give some perspective from eurozone core countries (read Germany) what could have been achieved already when Greece accepted all offers made by its European partners here some publications concerning offers and obstructions to/from Greece. As always you can expect some additions to the initial compilation from to time to time.  

Philipp Rösler, German minister of economics, Vice-Chancellor

Wolfgang Schäuble, German minister of finance

Mar 13th 2012
Development Aid: Greek realities and German impatience
Mar 2nd 2012 # Rösler insists on European (re)construction commissioner # (Die Welt )
Feb 29th 2012 # Buildup of administration: Greece doesn't accept German offers #(Rheinische Post)
Feb 29th 2012 # Rösler complaints about lack of interest in German econ. support (Der Spiegel)
Feb 29th 2012 # Greeks not eager to get support # (NZZ Online) (CH, also concerning other core offers)
Feb 29th 2012 # Greeks decline German help - Athens criticizes Rösler #(Volksfreund)
Feb 25th 2012 # German tax collectors want to collect Greek taxes #(Der Spiegel)
Feb 21st 2012 # EIB president Hoyer: "Greece needs a Marshall plan" #(Handelsblatt)
Feb 19th 2012 # Schäuble: Help always requires somebody who is willing to accept it #(Bundesfinanzministerium)
Feb 14th 2012 # Schäuble defends forced austerity for Greee # (Die Zeit)
Oct 21st 2012 # Rösler rushes Greece to help #(Frankf. Neue Presse)(his visit in Greece)
Jul 27th 2011 # Investment summit: Rösler and (German) economy want to help Greece # (Frankfurter Rundschau)
Jul 27th 2011 # (German) Industry sees potential for investment in Greece acc. to Rösler # (ad hoc news)

Please check also other 'positive news': European growth initiatives

# >> German language

Note: Please don't shoot the messenger ;-)

Friday, March 2, 2012

Treaty on stability, coordination and governance (or fiscal treaty)

Link to pdf offered by (eng)
Fiskalpakt: Link to pdf offered by Deutscher Bundestag(german parliament) (ger)

Nov19th 2012    G.Wolff presents"The German implementation of the fiscal compact:towards more ambition" at Bundestag Haushaltsausschuss (pdf,German,6 pages)

May  5th 2012    Referendum 2012: Fiscal Treaty Guide
Apr 13th 2012    Portugal first to approve EU fiscal pact
Mar 29th 2012   German opposition warns Merkel on fiscal pact, ESM
Mar 27th 2012   Opposition rejects Merkel's timeline on EU fiscal pact
Mar 27th 2012   Fiscal treaty: German opposition not to be pushed # (reuters_de)
Mar 20th 2012   Interview with Paul de Grauwe
Mar 15th 2012   The fiscal pact is in trouble in the Netherlands new
Mar 07th 2012   Karl Whelan: Golden rule or golden straightjacket?
Mar 06th 2012   Door to fiscal treaty signature open - German ForMin in Prague
Mar 04th 2012   Schwarzenberg hopes Czech PM Necas will sign EU fiscal pact
Mar 04th 2012   Irish poll: Majority of Irish in favour # (Reuters)
Mar 04th 2012   Fiscal treaty puts pressure on Merkel # (Financial Times Deutschland)
Mar 04th 2012   Chancellor Merkel needs support of opposition SPD #(Hamburger Abendblatt)
Mar 03rd 2012   Merkel needs 2/3 majority for fiscal treaty # (Sueddeutsche Zeitung)
Mar .2nd 2012   This is the new treaty # (Hamburger Abendblatt)
Mar .2nd 2012   Poland signs up to EU fiscal pact
Feb  .1st  2012   War of words erupts in Prague over EU’s fiscal treaty
Jan  31st  2012   Forget The Brits: Here's Why The Czechs Didn't Ratify The EU Fiscal Treaty

# = German language

note: Some more articles concerning the just signed document by European leaders will follow.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Bundesbank ECB - Target2 - facts and discussion, last upd:2012/4/13


Dear reader,

German econ professor and director of German Ifo think tank. Hans-Werner Sinn has sparked a debate first in Germany and now reaching far beyond about the problems arising or just not within the imbalances of the ECB central bank clearing system. In order to give a broad range of facts and opinions here is a collection of articles: 

Interpreting TARGET2 balances (BIS) Working Papers No 393 December 2012

Ifo Working Paper No. 105 (ger)

ifo Spezialthema: Target-Salden (ger)

charts: Target balances jan 1999 (2007) - jan 2012 of central banks (ger)

ECB: Target2

Irish CB: Information guide for Target2 users  (pdf)

Bundesbank: TARGET2reasons for introduction # (pdf)

19 November 2007 - TARGET2successfully launched 


Apr 3rd 2012
Target2 debate, Part II
Apr 3rd 2012
Why is there no TARGET2 debate in the US?
Mar 31st 2012 # Credit risk dispute:  "Germany can be blackmailed" #(sueddeutsche)
Mar 23rd 2012 # "Bundesbank belittles a financial atomic bomb"  #(Die Welt)
Mar 14th 2012 # How a justified criticism of Target2 could look like #(Kantoos Economics)
Mar 13th 2012 # Olaf Storbeck: The U-turn which wasn't one-The BuBa and Target2 #(Handelsblatt
Mar 13th 2012
Soaring Target2 Imbalances Stoke German Risk Angst: Euro Credit *B
Mar 12th 2012 # Jens Weidmann (Bundesbank): What's behind the Target2 balances #(FAZ)*A
Mar 12th 2012 # Target2: and what's really behind it #(Handelsblatt)
Mar 12th 2012 # Bundesbank goes on the offensive in Target debate #(FAZ)
Mar 10th 2012 # Ex-BuBa pres. Schlesinger:"ECB flooding reminds one of war financing"#(Die Welt)*3
Mar 10th 2012 # HW Sinn: Fed versus ECB: How Target debts can be repaid #(voxeu)*8
Mar 9th 2012 # Why it makes sense (Sinn) to think about Target2 #(blog.insm)*9
Mar 8th 2012 # Mar 08th 2012 Can a relocation of collateral within ECBS make sense? #(Handelsblatt) *7
Mar 7th 2012 # Wolfgang Münchau. This way it makes Sense(Sinn) #(Der Spiegel) *3
Mar 7th 2012
Collateral is key for target debate (bruegel) *2
Mar 7th 2012 # Target2 deficits: Why thecurrent account is not important # (Handelsblatt)
Mar 7th 2012
Target 2 of the ECB vs. Interdistrict Settlement Account of the Federal Reserve*1
Mar 7th 2012
German newspaper 'Die Zeit':ECB refuses Target2 reform #(Saarbrücker Zeitung)
Mar 7th 2012 # Draghi & Weidmann: Central bankers as pen pals #(FTD)
Mar 7th 2012
TARGET imbalances: Financing the capital-account reversal in Europe (voxeu)
Mar 6th 2012
Is Jens Weidmann Right About Bundesbank Target2 Risks? (creditwritedowns)
Mar 6th 2012 # Blog entry by HW Sinn - answer to blog entry by Mr Sievert #(wirtsch.Freiheit) *6
Mar 3rd 2012 # Blog entry by Olaf Sievert - open letter to HW Sinn #(wirtsch. Freiheit) *6
Mar 3rd 2012 # HW Sinn: The pighead among professors of economy #(FAZ)
Mar 3rd 2012
Euro-Zone Central Bank System Massively Imbalanced
Mar 2nd 2012
Pimco:TARGET2: A Channel for Europe’s Capital Flight
Mar 2nd 2012 # Target2 US edition #(
Mar 2nd 2012
Bundesbank: Balances in the TARGET2Payments System – a Problem? (pdf) *5
Mar 2nd 2012
Jean Pisani-Ferry: Don’t confuse symptom and disease!
Mar 2nd 2012
Weidmann’s ECB agitation more dangerous than Weber
Mar 1st 2012 # The problem of the Target2 balances #(FAZ)
Mar 1st 2012
Bundesbank lectures ECB
Mar 1st 2012 # Bundesbank demands better collateral from ECB #(FAZ)
Mar 1st 2012
What is the meaning of TARGET balances?
Mar 1st 2012 # Bundesbank goes bananas ? #(Die Zeit)
Mar 1st 2012
Disquiet within ECB laid bare after cash injection
Feb 29th 2012 # Eurocrisis: The cloc is ticking # (Die Presse/at)
Feb 27th 2012 # Top economist Hans-Werner Sinn and the billion € bomb #(Der Spiegel)
Feb 26th 2012 # Hans-Werner Sinn: FED vs ECB How to satisfy a Target debt # (FAZ) *4
Feb 26h 2012 # Is the ECB financing current account deficits ? (
Feb 18th 2012 # Interview: Economist Hans-Werner Sinn: "We are trapped" #(FAZ)
Feb 1st 2012
Bundesbank sinks deeper into debt saving Europe
Jan 18th 2012 # Wolfgang Münchau: We're fighting the wrong crisis #(Der Spiegel)
Jan 9th 2012
Martin Wolf:The delicate balance of fixing the eurozone
Dec 11th 2011
The fuss about TARGET2
Dec 8th 2011
How German taxpayers prop up Italy
Dec 6th 2011
Karl Whelan: Worse than Sinn
Dec 6th 2011
Izabella Kaminska: How Germany is paying for the Eurozone crisis anyway
Dec 6th 2011
Eurozone Crisis, Act Two: Has the Bundesbank reached its limit? (VoxEU)
Oct 14th 2011
Target2debate – The ECB finally gets involved
Oct 13th 2011 # ECB dissents Sinn on Target2 #(Handelsblatt)
Sep 6th 2011
Making sense of Target imbalances new
Aug 31st 2011 # The European payment balance crisis # (Ifo Schnelldienst) pdf 100pages
Jun 16th 2011 # Hans-Werner Sinn, Target 2 and no end #(Die Zeit)
Jun 14th 2011 # Hans-Werner Sinn and the demagogy #(Handelsblatt)
Jun 10th 2011
The ECB’s Target2activities are not constraining German credit growth
Jun 9th 2011
Professor Sinn misses the target
Jun 9th 2011
Buiter,Rahbari,Michels:Target2and intra-Eurosystem imbalances in credit flow (pdf)
Jun 9th 2011
The ECB is not conducting a stealth bailout
Jun 1st 2011
Felix Salmon: How Europe’s central banks are staving off catastrophe
May 19th 2011
ECB publishes TARGET Annual Report 2010: the system functioned smoothly and registered a higher turnover
Feb 18th 2011 # Sinn: Criticism on Bundesbank crisis help #(WiWo

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